Hi there.

I'm Caleb.

I am a motion designer, filmmaker, and animator. But my true passion is storytelling.
I seek to create work that connects with people and challenge them to think.

In 2015, I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Motion Media Design.
Currently I am based in Atlanta, GA, and I occupy my time as a motion designer for WSB-TV, Atlanta's #1 news station.

For a more in-depth look at my experience, take a look at my resume.

I am always interested in new projects and collaborations. Let me know if I can help make your project a reality!

show open: vikings

In this reinterpretation of the opening sequence for History's award-winning scripted drama, Vikings, I use the lawless, war-driven culture of the Vikings as inspiration to set the tone for the show.

Weaponry and iconic imagery is used throughout and each icon speaks to various aspects of the show and the characters.

The viewer is invited into the immersive world of the Vikings.

the home depot

I collaborated with Pablo Gnecco at Studio(studio) to create on-screen graphics for a segment of The Home Depot's annual Store Manager's meeting, held in the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, NV. I designed and created custom graphics integrated across multiple screens for two songs used during the live performance.

The challenge was to create graphics that reflected the nature of the songs while also serving to set the tone for the space and immerse the audience in a sensational experience. Case study coming soon.

short film: white umbrella

Today, millions of women are sold for sex against their will. White Umbrella uses the art of dance to follow the plight of a woman trapped in the bondage of sex-trafficking as she sets out on a journey to freedom.

Inspired by the book of the same name by Mary Frances Bowley.

I created this film in collaboration with my sister's dance collective, Bluebird: Uncaged. Rebekah chorerographed the dance for stage, and my task was to take that choreography and translate it into something that could be told cinematically.


Directed and Edited by Caleb Diaddigo
Produced and Choreographed by Rebekah Diaddigo
Original score composed by Todd Locke

Easter at Freedom Church

In the beginning... God.

This year I had the great privilege to partner with Freedom Church to create the opener for their Easter gathering. With 3 LED crosses serving as the canvas for the video, this project provided an exciting opportunity to break away from the traditional 16x9 ratio and experiment with new creative ways to tell the greatest story ever told.

Created by: Caleb Diaddigo
Score: Andrew Bergthold
Written by: Caleb Diaddigo
VO: Luke Mullins

short film: strange happenings


Created by Caleb and Joshua Diaddigo

hey, want to go to portland?

As of late, I have been learning the importance of breaking from the rhythm of life and trying new things. Like random, spontaneous trips to Portland. Here's a little taste of my adventure to the Pacific Northwest.

Track - "Technicolour Beat" by Oh Wonder

network rebrand: amc

AMC has something for everyone. And, not surprisingly, it is because of this very reason that the network draws the attention of a great diversity of people.

Using the nexus device as a visual metaphor for the wide-reaching and diverse programming on the network, this rebrand brings unity to the diversity by making the point that at AMC there truly is something for everyone.

AMC is the place where you can experience it all.

eboard solutions

In this infographic project I created for eBoard Solutions, I use simple animation combined with a sleek, modern design to communicate the innovative solutions eBoard provides to help boards become more effective and get more done.

Motion Graphics: Caleb Diaddigo
Script and VO: AJ Parker

short film: journey

Life is a journey, and it will take you many places. But there is always no place like home.

title sequence: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Using the original audio track from the 1966 film, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," in this project I set out to create a compelling title sequence that accurately reflected the nature of film, while utilizing the techniques of parallax.

I used hand-drawn sketches in combination with several layers of texture to visually represent the raw and gritty narrative of the film.

motion reel

My latest work. Includes samples through Spring 2015.

0:07 - "The Bigger Story" [SCAD collaborative project for Interface, Inc.]
0:09 - "Reflection" [Short film, student work]
0:14 - "20th Century Logo Animation" [Student work]
0:15 - "White Umbrella" [Short film, Bluebird Uncaged]
0:16 - "The Bigger Story" [SCAD collaborative project for Interface, Inc.]
0:17 - "This Is How We Change The World" [Series opener, Freedom Church]
0:19 - "Passion 2015 Walk-in graphics" [Passion Conferences]
0:20 - "WXXX Logo Animation" [Student work]
0:21 - "Four Seasons" [Student work]
0:22 - "AMC - Network Rebrand" [Student work]
0:25 - "Four Seasons" [Student work]
0:27 - "This Is How We Change The World" [Series opener, Freedom Church]
0:29 - "Selfie Switch - Title" [Elevation Church]
0:31 - "The Animal Adventurers" - Title [Elevation Church]
0:33 - "PCC New Year Countdown" [Passion City Church]
0:34 - "Meant To Be - DVD Bumper" [Elevation Church]
0:36 - "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Title sequence" [Student work]
0:37 - "Strange Happenings" [Personal project]
0:39 - "Breaking Free" [Bluebird Uncaged]
0:41 - "Vikings - Title Sequence" [Student work]
0:45 - "Poker Face - Music Video" [Student work]
0:46 - "Vikings - Title Sequence" [Student work]
0:47 - "Poker Face - Music Video" [Student work]
0:49 - "Introducing qTest" [QA Symphony]
0:51 - "Lakepoint Logo Animation" [MeltATL]
0:52 - "White Umbrella" [Short film, Bluebird Uncaged]
1:00 - "History - Network Rebrand" [Student work]
1:02 - "Irma Vep - Title Sequence" [Student work]
1:03 - "History - Network Rebrand" [Student work]
1:04 - "Irma Vep - Title Sequence" [Student work]
1:06 - "Charity Water - PSA" [Student work]
1:07 - "Love Week Promo" [Elevation Church]
1:08 - "Sky Full of Stars - Creative Element" [Elevation Church]
1:09 - "Reflection" [Short film, student work]

Music: "One Day They'll Know" - by Pretty Lights - (ODESZA Remix)

20th century fox

In this short project, I set out to recreate the 20th Century Fox logo animation. I used Cinema 4D for modeling and animation, and compositiing was completed in After Effects.


email: dcaleb@diaddigo.com
phone: 678.488.2076